Yunqi Liu

Office: Room 325, Physics Building, Siwangting Road No.180, Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, China


Research Interest: black holes, gravitational waves, and gravity


(1) Fudan University, Ph.D. in Theoretical Physic.

(2) East China University of Science and Technology, M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics.

(3) Beijing Institute of Technology, B.Sc. in Applied Physics.

Top-10 Selected Publications:

1. Dicong Liang, Yungui Gong, Shaoqi Hou, Yunqi Liu, “Polarizations of Gravitational Waves in f(R) Gravity”,  Phys. Rev. D 95 (2017) 104034, arXiv:1701.05998.

2. Qiaoli Yang, Yunqi Liu, Haoran Di, “Hemispherical Power Asymmetry of the Cosmic Microwave Background from a Remnant of a pre-Inflationary Topological Defect”, Phys. Rev. D 96 (2017) 083516, arXiv:1612.03708.

3. Yunqi Liu, Yungui Gong, Bin Wang, “Non-Equilibrium Condensation Process in Holographic Superconductor with Nonlinear Electrodynamics”, JHEP 1602 (2016) 116, arXiv:1505.03603.

4. Yunqi Liu, Cheng-Yong Zhang, Bin Wang,  De-Cheng Zou, “Dynamical Probe of Thermodynamical Properties in Three-Dimensional Hairy AdS Black Holes”, Europhys. Lett. 116 (2016) 40005, arXiv:1411.6740.

5. Yan Peng, Yunqi Liu, “A General Holographic Metal/Superconductor Phase Transition Model”, JHEP 02 (2015) 082, arXiv:1410.7234.

6. De-Cheng Zou, Yunqi Liu, Bin Wang, Wei Xu, “Thermodynamics of Rotating Black Holes with Scalar Hair in Three Dimensions”, Phys. Rev. D 90 (2014) 104035, arXiv:1408.2419.

7. Yan Peng, Bin Wang, Yunqi Liu, “On the Thermodynamics of the Black Hole and Hairy Black Hole Transitions in the Asymptotically Flat Spacetime with a Box”, Eur. Phys. J. C 78 (2018) 176, arXiv:1708.01411.

8. Yunqi Liu, De-Cheng Zou, Bin Wang, “Signature of the Van der Waals-like Small-Large Charged AdS Black Hole Phase Transition in Quasinormal Modes”, JHEP 09 (2014) 179, arXiv:1405.2644.

9. De-Cheng Zou, Yunqi Liu, Bin Wang, “Critical Behavior of Charged Gauss-Bonnet AdS Black Holes in the Grand Canonical Ensemble”, Phys. Rev. D 90 (2014) 044063, arXiv:1404.5194.

10. Yunqi Liu, Bin Wang, “Perturbations Around the AdS Born-Infeld Black Holes”, Phys. Rev. D 85 (2011) 046011, arXiv:1111.6729.


I work on gravitational physics at Yangzhou University. Gravity is a vast topic which touches upon many different parts of physics and mathematics. Over the years, I have studied aspects of black holes physics, AdS/CFT and gravitational waves. 

About Us

The Center for Gravitation and Cosmology (CGC) is a research center founded in 2017 at Yangzhou University, in the Jiangsu Province of China. It is an initiative of the BRICS-Association of Gravity and Cosmology, with support from the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). The center is currently hosted on the 3rd floor of the College of Physical Sciences and Technology building, on the scenic Slender West Lake campus. 

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Address: No. 180, Siwangting Road, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 

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